JS-Maven Roundup and Roadmap

To those of you who’ve been paying attention to the original project on GitHub, you’ve probably noticed that there’ve been a lot of changes there recently without any subsequent updates here. I’d like to take a moment to summarize what we’ve been up to, and keep everyone in the loop on where we’re going. Inevitably […]

Building a Javascript Dependency Resolver in Maven

Dependency resolution, to most javascript developers, means adding another <script> include in the header of their html page, and in most cases this is fine. In fact in 95% of any javascript applications you don’t even have to host this file- just include a link to JQuery on Google Libraries and you won’t need to […]

Building a Javascript Compiler for Maven

This post is one in a series where I slowly assemble a Maven workflow for large javascript projects. If you came here via google, I recommend starting at the beginning: Designing a Javascript Maven Plugin. Alternatively, you can just go directly to the js-maven project on github. Since there‚Äôs no sense in rebuilding something that […]

Designing a Javascript Maven Plugin

As mentioned in my previous post, I believe that the tooling for enterprise grade javascript applications is simply not there yet. What is needed is a set of tools, preferably open source, that are framework agnostic and that fit into established development practice. In this and the subsequent posts, I will walk you through the […]

So long Actionscript, so long PHP.

To those of you not keeping up with my career as a technologist, I’ve long since abandoned my Actionscript roots (PHP is in serious decline) in favor of Javascript and Java. There are many reasons for this: Industry movement away from Flash, a shift in implementation practices, and a personal desire to keep my own […]

Database Upgrades and Migrations with Adobe AIR

This post will show you how to update your SQLite application when you release a new version of your AIR application (Android or otherwise). For those of you who are impatient, just copy the two classes provided and use them as demonstrated at the end of the post (or roll your own, your choice). When […]